We Shall Meet Life With Full Presence and Power

I would like to quote an excerpt from Brendon Burchard's book, "Motivation Manifesto" which I read several times, from the pillar he calls, "We Shall Meet Life With Full Presence And Power." If you are not acquainted with him or his book(s), I encourage you to check him out. Here are his words:

"An affliction is stealing joy from people-a haunting absence from the present moment. Checked out, not attuned, little awe or reverence for the blessings around them, as if they preferred to be somewhere else, mentally living in distant time zones, hours behind or ahead of the joyous tick and bliss of NOW. Detached and dissipated, their lives unaccounted for and unloved, their souls a world away, lost in the abyss of unawareness. The hollow and glazed eyes of so many reveal it all: minds trapped in the dark, unfeeling hinterlands of distraction and thoughtlessness. They are not conscious, alert, purposeful. Without awareness there is no real center of energy, no grounding, no vibrant feel for the NOW."

It is time for all of humanity to start meeting life with full presence and purpose. This is what humanity has been waiting for as inheritors of a planet where human awareness evolves, not devolves.

There are many on the planet devolving. They will be left to their own devices and it will not be here. This planet and its people's are evolving and there is no longer room for the bellicose, the arrogant, the tyrannous, the greedy, the heartless, the untrue.

This is a time for humanity's potential for good and those who are evil and perpetrate evil will soon be confused as to why what they are is no longer working. The age of evil is over although their remnants continue. Those remnants will abate soon and we can finally take back our planet that was meant to be lived on in a state of grace.

A warning to all evil perpetrators: we are aware of you!!!!!!!!!!


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