Universal Laws

There are Universal laws and I believe you can call them Cosmic Laws as well that "control and hold in perfect balance every divine manifestation of infinite spirit, every degree of spiritual consciousness, every molecule of matter." This, I take from "In Resonance with Jasmuheen."

In my perception, it is valuable and important to have at least a working knowledge of these laws that exert control over our lives.

Here are the 28 Universal Laws listed and briefly described by Jasmuheen in her workbook, "In Resonance, The Art of Successful Living." If you want to delve more deeply into each law, you may want to start with the workbook entitled, "In Resonance with Jasmuheen."

The Laws are:

1. Law of Oneness - everything is interconnected and shares the same source.

2. Law of Fullment - this is the law that states, "as you sow, so shall you reap." Also called the law of production or creation.

3 Law of Cause and Effect - also known as karma, this law assures a rebalance of energy in the cosmic energy pool.

4. Law of Change and Transmutation - every condition can be transmuted and everything is always changing. Also known as the Law of Alchemy.

5. Law of Balance - the integration of polarities where the forces collectively move towards a harmonized objective.

6. Law of Manifestation - our ability to manifest our desires into physical reality is guaranteed when we are in synchronistic alignment with Divine Will.

7. Law of Synchronicity - being in the perfect place at the perfect time. Also known as the Law of Grace.

8. Law of Discernment - also known as the Law of Differentiation that has to do with being totally in tune with what is the next step in our personal evolution.

9. Law of Forgiveness - no healing can be achieved without forgiveness.

10. Law of Resonance - whatever we send out in thought, word or action, is amplified and returned to us.

11. Law of Perfection - everything is perfect in its divine state.

12. Creative Law of Divine Affirmation - as you think, so shall you be.

13. Law of Compensation - the order under which one receives remuneration is exercised in direct relation to an individual's choice of action.

14. Law of Assimilation - allows no particles to be built into our bodies that we, as spirits, have not  overcome and made subject to ourselves.

15. Law of Adaptation - we must be flexible.

16. Law of Causation - this covers the science of astrology which influences our life according to the choice of birth sign and time of birth.

17. Law of Evolution and Rebirth - also known as the law of periodicity where all are, in time, brought to a height of spiritual splendor in recognition of Source and true identity.

18. Law of Analogy - "know thyself."

19. Law of Duality - this law affects the polarity of energy until you are consciously connected to Source.

20. Law of Mind - mind is the medium through which spirit works.

21. Law of Respect - honors an individual's right to seek universal truth.

22. The Universal Law - all living things have the vitality to gather from itself all things necessary for its growth and its fruition.

23. The Law of Love - places the welfare for others above self.

24. The Law of Mercy - allows one to forgive all error.

25. The Law of Gratitude - the more we express our gratitude for the things we enjoy in life, the more we will attract to ourselves things to be grateful for.

26. The Law of Patience - one becomes aware that what does not come to fruition immediately is simply not destined to do so at that point in time.

27. The Law of Example - "walking your talk."

28. The Law o Tolerance - also known as the law of respect. Here, we recgpognize the divinity in all.


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