The Five Senses Are Getting In Your Way!!!

The beautiful five senses that we are graced with can perceive just a tiny fraction of what's really our true state, our true nature. Our existence is far more and we are in a far more expanded state of awareness that is covered, like a veil, by our five sense reality.

We are also protected from perceiving our greater reality by our persona/psyche/ego that vibrates on a very low energy frequency. This is not a bad thing. There is no judgement regarding our human, lower functionality. We humans are simply more than this. We can perceive more if we choose to.

We come into our world already gifted with powerful extra sensory operating mechanisms. They are called our chakras. Our chakras are energy vortices that send out vibrational energy signals and receive them back into our bodies through nerve ganglia at every chakra location also connected to our endocrine system and major organs. For example, we have major chakras connected to the crown of our head, pineal gland, thymus, heart, pancreas, gonads/ovaries, perineum.

Above the head there are also known to be at least five transpersonal chakras that connect us energetically to our Monad (Over-soul) or I Am Presence that is extraterrestrial.

Our physical body is anchored by our base chakra which resides at our coccyx and perineum, our emotional center is in our sacral chakra located at our pubic area and our mental capacity is located in our solar chakra which is located between the navel and the lower sternum, our Spiritual energies are located in our heart chakra located at the sternum right at our physical heart.

This has tremendous implications in that these centers are not where we thought they were, i.e., our emotions are not in our heart area, they are right below our navel. Our thinking center is not in our brain, it is in the area right above our navel, etc.

Go think about the implications of this and realize you are not what you have been taught or think you are and the five senses are not who they make you think you are.

You are much more and the five senses are just the beginning.


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