Spiritual And Metaphysical...What's The Difference?

Spiritual and metaphysical. Are they the same? From my experience, perception and awareness, they are not the same. I see Spirit as cause. It is unmanifested intent. Spirit just is. The metaphysical, for me, is the result of Spirit's intent. It is partly through the metaphysical manifestations that I see Spirit working its intent. Let me give you some examples: as metaphysical means beyond the physical, I know and have experienced the vibrational healing power of crystals, that power is metaphysical or the ability to be telepathic, the ability to communicate thought from one mind to another without verbal communication. That's metaphysical.

Spirit is unmanifested potential that is held within the pure intent of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. When we communicate with Spirit, we communicate with the ALL THERE IS, with pure cause...there is no result, just beingness. When we are working with Spirit's result of its intent, we work with its manifested aspects like astrology, numerology, divination, tarot, psychic mediumship, channeling, clairvoyance, teleportation, human beings, animals, plants, the earth and on and on. These are the manifested aspects of Spirit that give us the power to trade in the abilities of Spirit. We humans are really Spirit having a so-called physical experience.

When we are spiritual, we are dealing in quantum aspects such as Love, Light, compassion, peace, wisdom, tolerance, understanding, awareness and kindness. These are not metaphysical, these are spiritual since these are invisible values one must be. You don't give compassion, you ARE compassionate. You don't give Love, you ARE Love.

I am making a very subtle distinction here that my awareness tells me there is. This difference between Spirit and metaphysical is real and when we work with metaphysical realities, we must not get caught up in their maya, their glamor and forget that they are merely agents of Spirit and not Spirit itself. This allows us to use common sense when working with these powers. The true power is Spirit, not the crystal. The crystal is an agent of Spirit as we humans are.


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