Like The Creative Source, Humans Have The Ability To Intend

Humans, like the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence itself, has the ability to intend a reality into existence.

Why is it that many people are not intending the life of their dreams into reality.?

Here are five reasons intentions take so long to manifest or don't manifest at all:

1. You fail to hold the intention.

2. You put no energy behind the intention.

3. You hold a fuzzy intention.

4. You inadvertently cancel the intention.

5. Your intention conflicts with your beliefs.

The biggest difficulty for human beings in manifesting a reality of choice is the disease of non-belief. People are so conditioned to the belief system that things happen TO them instead of the truth that things happen THROUGH them! It's the sickness of giving away personal power to supposed forces that are acting ON us instead of marshaling those forces so that we may use them to act upon our reality to shape it according to our intentions.

It's like in the movie "The Matrix" where, whenever the rebels fighting the machines needed anything, they simply asked for it to be downloaded into their minds and voila, they could fly a helicopter they had no idea about before the download. We can receive these downloads as well, from Our Spirit, through intending for it to manifest. We tap into the greater mind and use that energy for creative purposes of manifesting our intent.

The energy of the intent of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence and our personal intent, are one.


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