Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life Is A Wisdom Road

I see life as a wisdom road. This helps me expand my limited view of the present situations I'm always facing. I take life as a guide, a helper to always look at new ideas and delete some old ideas that no longer serve me or the greater good. Therefore, I don't see mistakes, problems, the ups and down of life as difficulties but as sign posts directing me to the beauty way, the way of love and light.

The caveat is that some of life's experiences will feel stressful, depressing, hard, negative and unhappy. The Wisdom road has shown me that these so-called bad experiences are simply the other side of the SAME coin. My unhappiness is just a different reflection of my joy and when I have that consciousness, I become aware of the WHOLE coin and see both the good and bad aspects of myself as part of the same wholeness. Through difficulties, I am still whole! I always make it to the other side.

Make no mistake. I don't use the Wisdom road as an excuse to be petulant, unkind, irritable or depressed and chalk it off to being spiritual and that it's OK! I am still navigating through the Cosmic forces, I am still affected by the Cosmic forces, I am not immune to them no matter how wise I think I am. The Wisdom, I believe, is in appreciating that Cosmic forces ARE acting on me and I walk life's Wisdom road aware of what these forces are and how to successfully work with them.

As my animal guide, Wolf, advised, "The gift of Wisdom comes to you when you have walked enough pathways and found enough dead ends to truly know the forest."

Let your experiences on the Wisdom path teach you about the Cosmic forces and HOW they operate on you. True wisdom is expanding your awareness through BOTH the ups AND the downs of life and SEEING it as the teacher of your soul.

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