Imagination Is Real

It's not just your imagination! What you imagine is real. Stop excusing your imagination as something fake or cursory. It's a powerful tool of intelligence.

Native American Lizard medicine purports that, "Imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. You can use your imagination for creating new experiences. This is especially necessary when life becomes dull or full of boredom."

If it can be imagined, it can be manifested. Don't discard your imaginings as vain daydreams that are meaningless. Instead, see your imaginings as promptings from Spirit, moving you in positive directions to manifest healthy, happy, peaceful and loving realities in your life.

Don't imagine the worst or let nightmarish promptings rule your life. You can achieve this by learning how to control your imagination and making it work for you to turn negative imaginings into positive ones by reflecting on your dreams and daydreams and getting at the root of your unconscious negative thoughts. Don't suppress your imaginings. Face them in the daylight and confront them whether you see them as good or bad. If you feel they are pushing you to do something bad and you seem to be losing control, consult a therapist, counselor or spiritual advisor of renown as soon as you can. A hypnotherapist is also helpful. There is only good that comes from facing your demons and eventually laughing at them.

I see imagination as a positive and powerful tool that can help us have better lives but this is not for the faint hearted. The imagination is a powerful tool for good and so-called bad and must be used with discernment, understanding, wisdom and control.

What you can imagine is what you can manifest so give imagination due consideration and appreciation. Imagination is a level of awareness that is accessible to all of us and is a tool that depends on how aware we each are.

Never use your imagination to harm. Use it to heal, use it to build, use it to create, use it to help not tear down.

Be aware in the sense of being aware of yourself and using this tool of imagination consciously.


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