If I have Everything I Want, Bad things Will Happen, Right? Wrong!

The prevailing consciousness maintains a false belief system that if they are happy and have everything they desire, something or someone is going to come along and take it away. They live in a perpetual "the other shoe is going to drop" reality.

This is a major misperception and a big misguided belief system!!!

First of all, the true state of the reality we share is one of abundance, health, happiness and love. While there are ups and downs in life, we here on this planet are not meant to suffer in lack. Lack is a consciousness that can be altered to one of abundance. You lack because you believe in lack. You lack because you fear lack. When you have, you feel guilty for having. Nonsense.

Feeling like your abundance, success, health, happiness is going to be taken away is the ultimate in lack of self-worth. The first and foremost precept to having all that you desire on all levels is that you are WORTHY!!! You are worthy of riches, love, happiness, great health and much more. Fear is the domain of the persona/psyche/ego that disconnects itself from the true benevolent state of the universe with over-thinking. That is, thinking your way into lack by believing in it. There is no such thing as lack. When you lack anything, you have chosen that state. IT'S A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION! No one wants to admit this reality as it would make THEM responsible for their misery and they would then have to ask the question of why they are making themselves suffer. That's the real question: why do you believe in lack? Why do you want lack? Why do you put yourself in or why do you find yourself in lack when this is the garden of Eden? Our true and natural state of being is abundance.

There is no lack. You just see it that way. Stop wallowing in the mud! Wash yourself off and simply be the abundant being you already are otherwise, you're being self-indulgent! Period!!!!!


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