How High Are You Vibrating?

How high is your vibrational level? How can you tell in your behavior and attitude that you are vibrating at a high level?

Here are 12 manifestations of a High Vibration:

1. Being excited to wake up and start your day.

2. Good health.

3. Feeling strong.

4. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively.

5. Financial prosperity.

6. Pleasant interactions with other people.

7. Going with the flow.

8. Time speeds up.

9. Expressing kindness and love automatically.

10. Having intuitive and psychic moments.

11. Feeling happiness, joy or elation.

12. Looking your best.

Please consider these behaviors in your life the signals of your level of vibrational frequency. These you can control for a much happier life experience. Go raise those vibrations.!!!


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