Fake Gurus! Really?

Fake gurus! Really? I am not sure about this in that, for me, being connected to Spirit has meant experiencing Spirit's ways, guidance and harmony while making sense of it to myself and therefore, for others. On this wisdom path, I must corroborate. I do the best I can to be an agent of Spirit and work to avoid the following nine behaviors that seem to be hallmarks of a fake guru or spiritual teacher:

1. Charging large amounts of money.

2. Giving themselves fancy titles.

3. Inability to take criticism.

4. Overly focused on the end goal.

5. Behaving hypocritically.

6. Focusing on fulfilling egocentric desires.

7. Displaying spiritual materialism.

8. Behaving selfishly.

9. Promising a fast path to self-realization.

I am not sure the right word is "fake." Perhaps it might be accurate to describe spiritual teachers who evince the traits above as those who have allowed glamor and Maya to influence their purity...as falling into glamor and Maya are treacherous states of being for anyone on a spiritual quest, journey, path, seeking, to be seduced by.

I don't think it is wrong to earn good money from helping people to heal, to learn, to understand the ways of Spirit when you are a guru, shaman, teacher. Where the way is lost, I believe, is making the money and outer accoutrements ends in themselves.

Nevertheless, it is something to watch for on a spiritual path.


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