Everything Is Alive

I live in a state where everything is alive, has intelligence and can talk. I get messages from everything and I have learned to listen. Even our bodies talk to us. Sometimes the Universe talks in riddles and sometimes very straight forward.

Life is always sending signals. It is up to me to be observant. In my relationship with the cosmos, I am always receiving clues about how the magic of life is being brought to me. This has been a process and is on-going, deepening my abilities to observe the nuances of power lurking nearby. I must pay attention. I am only as powerful as my capacity to perceive, receive and use my abilities of sensitivity to the messages the Universe is sending me. I constantly heighten my awareness and receive ever more subtle messages.

This is a crucial part of being a wisdom keeper, I believe. To be graced with hawk medicine is truly a most sacred state of spirituality. It's truly remarkable to be intimately connected to the All There Is and to open to the whispers of spirit.

This we all can do. This we all must do if we are to live life in great peace.


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