Do You Drink From The Poison Cup Of Hate?

"We humans drink from the poison cup of hate, anger, jealousy, resentment and scorn, believing we do this to best our enemy."

Drinking from the poison cup of hate is the ultimate in what I call "separation consciousness" which is a belief system that says we have no connection to Spirit and therefore, each other.

From my perception and experience, we are all connected in what I like to call a cosmic web. There is no separation from Spirit and each other and for that matter, all there is because our essential nature is Spirit itself. There is only one Self here. Everything is made up of the same material and we each share that basic being no matter what culture we are from, the color of our skin, our beliefs, what God(s) we pray to or believe in!

We are connected and we touch each other through more than our physical contact. Our auras are always touching and we can touch each other up through the nine planes of existence that we all are in. Why do you think you have telepathic awareness of others or dream about them or think and have daydreams about them? This is the quantum reality we exist in. We are multidimensional in nature and can feel, know, sense each other even if we are not physically present with each other.

Our reality is much more expansive than we allow. We let the view of our real existence to be clouded by our senses. The senses are a primitive level of consciousness. Go beyond this to drink from the fountain of love, compassion, happiness and peace and realize unity consciousness. When you drink from the cup of hate, the only one you are poisoning is yourself. You are really hating yourself.

That is the secret to nirvana.


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