Are You Looking For A Spiritual Experience?

Are you looking for a spiritual experience? Easy. Look in the mirror. What you are looking at is an agent of Spirit. Yes, you! You are an agent of Spirit and as such, you represent Spirit here and now.

You are in what I am fond of calling a human "format" that is Spirit in flesh. You are and contain Spirit already and there is no need to do anything but BE who and what you are. Be It.

You may be unconvinced that you are an agent of Spirit and this is understandable in light of a society and conditioning that trains you to believe that Spirit is "out there" and that you have to follow rules and laws and some abstract being or mythical personage (Jesus, Allah, Buddha,Yahweh, etc.) in order to be given or infused with Spirit or to have your ticket punched to enter heaven or to receive salvation!!!

This, in my spiritual experience and awareness, is not accurate. It is also misguided. You are already spiritual and all you have to do is get in touch with Spirit within. Go within. How? Start with being quiet. Go into nature. Get away from distractions. Shut off the TV and all electronic devices. Meditate, pray, chant, find a mantra, and most of all- believe!!! Do you believe it's possible that you are an agent of Spirit?

Once you believe, you will receive the knock of Spirit. When you allow the promptings of Spirit you will understand that it is you and your connection to all there is. Spirit was always there, you just weren't tuning in to Self. Tune in and you don't have to drop out!

When the call comes, pick up the phone and engage Spirit and be a good representative for Spirit on a good agent and get Spirit lots of jobs. What are those jobs that you will get Spirit? There are many and the first one is that you will begin speaking your spiritual truth, you will speak for Spirit not trying to convert anyone, simply speaking the truth that you ARE Spirit in a human expression.

Knock, knock...


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