Are You In The New Reality Awareness?

In many of my blogs, I talk about the great Shift that has happened on our planet, the Shift to a higher consciousness or reality awareness. The is real and is here now. That is the reason for all the earthly turmoil you are seeing: the last vestiges of the lower levels of the old consciousness is holding on for dear life. It's trying so hard to stay. It can't stay. It's time is over.

Here is a list of the qualities of the new reality awareness. May I suggest you get with this consciousness if you want to stay here and be comfortable here:

1. Infinite Being is all that is. Nothing exists outside of it.

2. We are Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in life.

4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential.

5. Reincarnation.

6. Life after 'death'.

7. Life reflects what you project.

8. Abundance is natural.

9. Love is the only reality.

10. Self-responsibility.

11. Truth is everywhere.

12. Inner connection and insight.

This is for you to live, to experience, to be. This is not for you to think about or conceptualize. It is a new reality.

I share this with you to make you aware of it being here now and realizing the import of this to your happiness.

Make no mistake, we have shifted and the old ways are gone!

Allow your spiritual adolescent to face your spiritual adult. Graduation time!!!!!!


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