5th Dimensional Consciousness

The vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension are already working on earth, working on its people's here. We humans are out of the 3rd dimensional paradigm even though we may not believe it yet. If you have no idea of what I am talking about here and no clue about the 5th dimension, how you CAN shift into the 5th dimension is by being and vibrating on the level of these seven awarenesses:

1. Nothing is permanent.

2. Live in the moment.

3. Set no goals.

4. Everything is possible if you believe.

5.  Ask and it is given.

6. Do only things that you love.

7. We are all one.

Live in the reality of the above awarenesses, do them every day until they are real to you, until they manifest in your life as the condition of your life. Please understand that you can still enjoy life on earth, have a glass of wine, go to the movies, make love, eat pasta and you will be doing these activities in a higher dimension and be right here. Have no fear.

What I have shared with you is a way for you to get with the 5th dimensional program. Shifting takes allowing and now you know where to start. Be Love now.


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