Your Spiritual Adolescent Faces Your Spiritual Adult

The great shift is upon us humans and has asked us to move into a higher consciousness.

Many are moving to that higher consciousness and many are already there.  Many already graduated to being a spiritual adult and there are still many in the prevailing human consciousness stubbornly holding on for dear life to their spiritual adolescent. Their dilemma, whether they know it or not, is that their spiritual adolescent is now facing their spiritual adult. This is a crossroads that is asking many to take a leap of faith in accepting being in a less dense vibrational energy frequency.

This frequency is a consciousness that is more aware of being Spirit, is more about having compassion, being here now, being love, being peace, understanding our relationship to the loving spirit of the universe and being at one with that.

This all may sound like lollipops and roses and I can affirm from my experience that the expanded consciousness mentioned above is real and palpable and unless you get with that consciousness, you are going to be mighty uncomfortable living in the new consciousness. We are seeing this already in the violent and destructive acting out of many around the world. We are seeing it in the confusion and depression of many around the world. Our world news is filled with people who believe that acting in fear is the way of it.

The choice to move forward or stay behind is up to each one of us. If you think what I am talking about here is fairy dust or crazy or nonsense, so be it.

I am not getting this from a book. This is real, corroborated experience of millions of people on earth who have shifted to the higher consciousness and are reaping more happiness, health, abundance and connection with Spirit.

You can turn a blind eye, deny, doubt or poo poo this new reality and it's at your own peril. Either move forward or be left behind. It's that simple! Focus on being a spiritual adult and accept who you are!!!


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