What You Fear, You Call to Yourself

Whatever your fear thoughts, know that they act to call that fear to you. That's the operating system of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. You remember that expression, "what you resist will persist"? Well, it's true as what you fear most, you will become. When you think fearfully you become the fear caller, calling the fear to yourself. From my personal experience, fear stinks!!!

Fear closes you from expanding your awareness. Generally, fear pushes you into negative behavior where you want to distract your persona/psyche/ego from attracting love with your negative behaviors like consuming alcohol or drugs, watching violence on TV, fighting, screaming, swearing or playing low-vibrational, negative music.

May this blog serve to remind you that "arguments, grudges, lack of self-worth or self-love, competition, jealousy, violence in any form, attack thoughts, selfishness, fear, judgements, gossip, self-centeredness, and so on are way beneath such a noble being as yourself."

Start observing the details of your present pathway and make it a habit to release your worries, fears and anxieties as much as possible for they really don't help. They hinder as they call to your life the very condition of these negative vibrations, the condition of being in fear...lost, confused, frustrated, resentful, hateful!!!

Do you really want to live that way?


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