The Wisdom Path...the Warrior's Path

Stepping onto your own Wisdom Path is not for the foolhardy or the dilettante! It is for those who wish to face themselves and become Wisdom Keepers. This is a path of the warrior. A path of stalking yourself in order to live your true and essential nature.  The nature that you are an intent capable of giving intent.

When you live your true nature, you are the spiritual being that is having a five sensory world experience able to use your intent to create your reality but you still must work on your warrior's connection with intent. Like any other ability, intent can become "rusty" through lack of use!

What does a warrior's connection with intent mean?

1. It means knowing when you have a rusty link with intent.

2. You succeed in "cleaning" that rusty link with intent.

3. You learn to manipulate intent (manipulate in a positive way as in shaping it for beneficial outcome).

4. You accept the designs of the abstract that is, you allow the nonlinear ways of Spirit to speak to you and are moved by them.

All this means is that you are conscious of your connection with Spirit. You know how to use your intent to maneuver through realities. You can bend reality. You can shape, with your intent, the reality you choose.

This is the central theme and reason to step onto your own Wisdom Path. You create the path, you are the path, the path and you are one!!!!!


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