The Invisible Field of Love

Everything is emitting an invisible vibratory field of love. We humans pretend not to see love yet it's the most talked about force in our lives! We fall in love, we say our religions are about love, we even say we love coffee!!! This is the same with the invisible forces of thought, emotion and Spirit. We feel and perceive them yet we deny their existence because we can't see them!!!!

This is the great distortion of our belief system that our material world is the only real perception and everything else is unreal.

We have it backwards because the only real force is love. The only real force is Spirit. Everything else is smoke and mirrors, an illusion, a holograph.

This misguided belief system we live in that says only the physical is real is the reason we don't want to handle love, emotions and Spirit. They scare us because we see them as phantom when it's the physical that's phantom.

It is time to get with the program and accept what is real: love, emotion and Spirit. Hard it is to truly vibrate with Love, accept emotion and commune with Spirit! I say to you that it is a must to get with the process of being the love you are, honoring all your emotions without harm to self or other self and allowing Spirit into your life.

This is a call to all who are on a Wisdom Path. Time has run out. No more delay. You are being called to change your belief system 360 degrees and allow the real you to emerge, the you that is Love, the you that is emotion, the you that is Spirit. Stop the denial, doubt and hesitation!!!!

Be who you really are!!!! The shift is upon us. You are in the water. Swim!


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