Six Major Understandings I Received On My Spiritual Path

For me, being on a Spiritual path has taught me many lessons, brought me many understandings, revelations, epiphanies and great, great awareness. I am happy to travail this mystical path and share with you the most precious lessons/understandings I garnered on my path so that you may reflect on them for your own growth:

1. I discovered that other people are a reflection of me.

2. I realized that I have personal power and responsibility...response ability.

3. I found that the more I knew, the more I didn't know.

4. I found that being love got me further than fighting.

5. I saw suffering as a catalyst for growth.

6. I came to a place where other people's opinions don't matter.

The path that I am on is a meditative route that is a continuum, that is, it goes on forever and I am always opening to infinite possibilities and potentials that bring me ever closer to the Creatorship that I Am.

This path of Spirit, although experiential in the physical domain, is completely nonlinear to our human persona/psyche/ego. What this means is that how you treat, perceive, honor and realize your walk on the Spiritual path is of utmost importance and value.

Tread the path lightly and enjoy the lessons.


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