No Strings Attached

There are no strings attached to our souls by some higher being who is using humans like puppets on a string. Once The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence made his Creation, he was finished and gave us free will to manage our own potential.

In a sense, WE HUMANS are Creator Gods responsible for our own creations. Nothing can take our souls, nothing. Yes, there are forces that can manipulate us but only if we allow them. We are the power here. We are powerful souls that can manifest at will. The problem is that we have allowed society, government, religion, politics, people, media to condition us to believe we are powerless. The truth is just the opposite.

Nothing can control you but your Self. You are sovereign and are a multidimensional being that has been given the ultimate authority over yourself. You need not be controlled by anything or one including your own conditioned beliefs and thoughts.

You do not have original sin, you are not worthless, you are not sick.

You are a great sovereign, free being with your own free will to make your own choices and handle your own consequences. You are a creator! Don't give up your personal power to some imaginings to give you the abundance you already are.

There is no being in the sky defining you so stop looking up there or pointing to the sky. You are the being you have been looking for!!!! Pray to yourself. Ask yourself for healing and abundance. It starts with YOU first and then Spirit will hear you. You first. Open to your Self first. No strings attached.


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