Negative Outlook? Drop It!

If you have a negative outlook, that is, you are seeing your reality as one with doubts, hesitancy, resistance and misguided beliefs...drop them. It is time for you to move into the personal creation of comfort and trust that somehow, your life, reality, situation, will all turn out fine.

This is a faith born of understanding that this Universe we exist in is benevolent and one in which we have an active, co-creative role. Nothing is acting ON us, all is acting THROUGH us and it is not acting for our demise or suffering. It is acting through us to assist us in expanding our awareness of the truth that we are Creators and not at the mercy of malevolent forces. We have Spiritual authority over our own free will choices.

It is up to you if you choose to give up your personal power to negativity, fear, doubt, hesitation and misguided beliefs that keep you trapped in suffering and unhappiness. I say it is time to change such poor outlooks to one of optimism, idealism, vision and positivity.

I encourage you to drop the guise of fear. No matter what you think, everything happens for a reason and it is you that creates that reason, that cause by your choices. Choices always lead to consequences. Make your choices consciously, with wisdom and turn your perception, your perspective around to seeing that everything will and does turn out fine.

We are exactly where we need to be. It is not always happy, happy. Sometime it is sad and sad is simply another reflection of your joy!!!


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