Love Holds No Grievances

Love holds no grievances.

When you are truly in the force field of love, that is, you are vibrating the force of love, there is no contrary feeling you have to go to to prove your love. Love just is. It is not dualistic. There is no opposite polarity to Love. If you think it's hate or fear, think again! Love stands by itself as a force and carries no opposite. It is the force of creation and when you are in the force of love with other-self, you are in the greatest expression of creativity and this is unconditional.

You cannot use your persona/psyche/ego to withdraw your love from someone when they don't do your bidding. That's a true misperception of what love is. Love is a pure force and holds no ego anger or grievance.

When you are in the force of love with someone, you love them for ALL they are, so-called good AND bad. Their faults are part of who they are in human form: imperfect and this we love.

You don't love someone just for how good they make you feel. You care about them, you accept them and tolerate their foibles. You support them, you encourage them, you are their biggest fan.

Love cannot hold grievances but if you have them due to your bruised ego, air your grievances. Let them go, consciously. When you release your grievances, you are one with the force of love.

Be, do, have love now. Love is in the air in an endless supply. YOU are Love!!!


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