Life is Meeting Fear

From my experience, life is about meeting fear.

The lower aspects of the persona/psyche/ego are not foolish in the sense that it uses fear on a certain level to save itself from demise, like fearing walking into an on-coming truck or fearing an on-coming wildfire, etc.

At the same time, the ego will resist confronting psychic or imagined fears and will even create false fears appearing real as part of a belief system. These fears are the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of being shamed and many others in the sense you believe these things will happen to you when you take some action as in getting up to speak in front of your peers or asking for a job promotion.

If you have these psychic fears, I can't say to you that they aren't "real." They ARE very real to YOU and that must be honored. Again, let us see that they are part of the psyche and have no basis, in fact, in what's really happening. Fear is a thought response which you can change if you want to.

Having said that, it is my belief that in order to have happiness in life, to move forward in our circumstances, we must meet, confront and know our fears deeply in order to transmute and release them.

Transmuting fears is no easy task. It takes patience, fortitude, courage, honesty and a willingness to live life without persona/psychic/egoic fears controlling our life.

Determine to face your fears. If you need help, go get it. Whether it's a therapist or spiritual counselor, there are many who are capable of assisting in helping us to overcome our fears.

My favorite mantra for helping my ego overcome fears is, "I will transmute this fear. I will understand that it is part of the plan. I will understand that it can serve me."

Overcoming fears takes work, practice and above all some action. It takes meeting your fears face to face. In many cases, it's not as bad as you think!


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