Karma is Neither Good nor Bad, it Just is!

There is no good or bad karma. Karma is the consequence of our actions to help give us balance, understanding and wisdom when we know/feel how our actions have effected others and then ourselves who receive those actions back as effects. These effects are simply learning tools to help us gain more clarity as to the cause we make in our actions and to be aware of how our choices lead to various effects especially what it does to others.

I would like to share the eight Laws of Karma for you to investigate and understand that there is so much more to karma than "what goes around, comes around."

1. The Law of humility.

2. The law of creation.

3. The law of growth.

4. The law of responsibility.

5. The law of connection.

6. The law of giving.

7. The law of focus.

8. The law of presence.

These karmic laws operate in our lives every day. By first understanding them and seeing HOW these operate in your life, you will come to respect, appreciate and have consideration for your choices and consequent actions with a greater awareness and therefore, discernment. Every choice you make effects everything around you. Choose wisely. Karma is here to help you, not harm you.


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