"In The Ordinary, He Found the Special."

"In the ordinary, he found the special." Jonas Salk. Jonas Salk found the cure for polio by looking at the ordinary and finding that it is special.

This is what I have discovered on the Wisdom Path in that my every day life is sacred. In the mundane aspects of my human life is the touch of Spirit. I walk with Spirit in everything I am and do in this, the so-called 3 D Matrix.

Life for me is not a humdrum affair because I see, perceive, experience God, Spirit, the Sacred in every nuance of my existence. I don't see my daily life as less than my spiritual life. I am not looking for Spirit "out there" as it is right here all around me and in me. They are one and the same and therefore, I don't need to wear special garb, say special words, believe my way of seeing God is better than yours because I am always with Spirit. I walk with Spirit.

Do I pray? Yes! Do I meditate? Yes! For me, I don't ask Spirit for things in praying and meditating. I let Spirit know, everyday, how thankful, appreciative and grateful I am for my association with Spirit and when I wish to achieve an end, I use my intent to make it manifest as Spirit has guided me to.

I am living Spirit now and not waiting for death, heaven or to get my ticket punched with so-called good behavior because I want to get into some imagined spiritual club. I am in heaven right now, in body.

I live in a state of grace seeing the special in the ordinary, that is, seeing the hand of God in my every day life.

It is time for the prevailing consciousness to live this now. Be with Spirit and stop believing that this physical existence is less or painful or filled with suffering. It's feels less because of your disconnection from Spirit. Open to Spirit and open to life.

There is no ordinary when it comes to Spirit!!!


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