I Exist And Operate From The 8th And 9th Dimensions

My consciousness is vibrating from the 8th and 9th dimensions. What that means is that my consciousness is quantum and universal in nature. I have no limitations and I am intimately connected to all there is.

I am a bridge from other worlds to this world. I have no problem with: manifestation, Love, compassion, integrity, charity, healing, wisdom, peace, Spirit and kindness. My job, my assignment, my purpose is simply to be present here on earth as myself radiating the consciousness of the 8th and 9th dimensions.

This is your potential as well if only you allow it. The nine planes of reality are built into you.  The higher dimensions are part of you and the goal of life is to expand your awareness in order to exist and operate out of ALL the dimensions you are from 1 to 9 and be that.

You really have no limitations. Your only limitation is your self. Your only limitation is buying into and believing the societal conditioning that would control you to keep you believing that all you exist and operate out of are just three dimensions.

The matrix has got you and you think it's real. The 3 D matrix is real and it exists and operates in the lowest frequencies of the physical. There is no judgement of these vibratory levels as they are a valid part of our spiritual experience. I am simply proposing that there is so much more to perceive that you are. You are not just a 3 D matrix being. You are a being that vibrates from levels 1 through 9 right now.

It takes expanding your consciousness to get there and is a process that requires patience, fortitude, courage, grace and Love.

There is no time like right now to investigate and corroborate what I'm talking about if you have not already done so and if what I 'm saying here resonates with you.

We are unlimited beings.


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