"Niggling little worries-everything from the thought that our washing machine is on the fritz to the crack in our car's front windshield that needs fixing and we just don't have the funds now to fix either-can send disproportionate waves of anxiety into our lives. Bulletproof yourself by raising your concerns high above the level of trivial inconvenience. You are bigger than that. You are spirit inhabiting a body." Inspired from One Spirit Book of Days 2013.

It is through our own volition that we set our worlds into motion. Our personal power rests in how we respond to living in this 3D physical Matrix with it's attendant assault on our psyches.

We walk a path that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and being masters of these aspects of ourselves is a worthy goal on the high road of happiness. When we master these aspects of ourselves, it's not that ups and downs go away. It's that we see them from the perch of a higher perspective that bulletproof's us from reacting to life's mini-dramas in ways that dampens our happiness, peace, serenity, tranquility and equilibrium when the mundane world seems to want to get our goat!

We go to that Zen place within where the ripples of life's disturbances cannot reach the depths of our calmness.

This Zen place takes practice to reach, to achieve and it can only be attained through our own volition to make it so. Practice with conscious intent everyday as you encounter anything or anyone that you perceive is disturbing you. Make it a practice to acknowledge the disturbance and then like a pebble skipping over a pond and causing a ripple, see the pebble sink into the depths to disappear without a trace.

Many of us just need to lighten up a bit. You can do that by realizing that most of the so-called worries of life are self-inflicted and many times, not that serious!


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