Behavior Post Shift

I came to planet earth already shifted. I am not here to experience the great shift in consciousness already upon us, I am here to lend my Blue Ray language of Light energy to assist the prevailing consciousness to make the shift up one note in the cosmic octave.

Having already shifted upon arrival here and now allowing my consciousness to be the shift that I am, I am no longer identifying with the energies of this 3 D Matrix. Yes, Cosmic Laws still apply to me, not the constraints of the Matrix.

What does this mean in terms of practical, daily living? It means that my intentions quickly come to pass. I can talk to my body, my innate and it listens and follows my intent. I can use my will to overcome anything. I can stay in a state of unity and peace in the middle of any chaos. I can make any experience here positive. I am no longer bound by the belief systems of this Matrix including the misguided notions of love, death, money, success, happiness, consumption, politics, anger, spirituality and much more.

Look to see within yourself how the great shift is changing you and consciously  get with the positive programs it has already put you in. You will be happier. I can attest to it. You will be able to have more personal power as I listed above.

Many blessings to all.


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