Friday, October 23, 2015

Be An Agent of Spirit

Be an agent of Spirit. I believe in that in as much as I am Spirit and therefore, inextricably of and connected to Spirit.

What does this mean? It means that I allow Spirit to inform me, I am moved by Spirit, I listen to Spirit. In a sense, I am a sorcerer because I work in he magic of the metaphysical. The magic of the metaphysical is my ability to bend reality, to be in other realities, to shape my reality.

It is means that I have allowed myself to connect with and be in the quantum reality. The reality that is unlimited and is everywhere in the Cosmos. While tethered to earth, I am also reaching out to other galaxies! I recognize that as Spirit, I am not just here. I am a multidimensional purpose that is here, there and everywhere.

An an agent of Spirit, I represent Spirit. When I sit with you, I bring Spirit with me. Spirit knocks on my door all the time and communicates with me. I listen to Spirit.

How does Spirit communicate? In the non-linear language of Light. In the non-linear language of telepathy and clairsentience, etc., and this I listen to.

It's time that the prevailing consciousness on earth recognize that we are all agents of Spirit and it is time to allow pure Spirit into your life. In my experience, there is no greater blessing than being with Spirit. There is no greater thrill than being consumed with the Love of Spirit and receiving all the abundance manifestations that Spirit brings.

Open and allow Spirit into your life in greater ways. Become a sorcerer. Realize that you and Spirit are one.

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