Anyone Can Access Higher Dimensions

Anyone can access higher dimensions if they so choose. The reason this is possible is that we have built within us the nine planes of existence and we are multidimensional beings by nature.

The reason the prevailing consciousness on our planet does not wish to go to these dimensions is because of choice and willfulness through the acceptance of misguided belief systems, societal conditioning that refutes and debases the existence of our multidimensional realms that we live in every day from birth.

These realms are not places you go to. They are higher and lower vibratory states of being that are a consciousness. Just like you can perceive thoughts, emotions, physicality, culture, religion and other levels of consciousness, you can tap into still higher states of consciousness through many means the principle one of which is meditation. In effect, you become a seer who can perceive these realms.

Google the nine planes of existence as a start in understanding your true multidimensional nature.

When you have cleared a certain amount of misguided beliefs and density from your being, from your bodies, you will then vibrate higher and can then access the higher dimensions.

This is a process you must practice with patience, love, discernment and wisdom. You must have pure intent to be a seer for there is much there to see beyond the 3 D Matrix. Tread with grace on this path and much wisdom will open to you if you so desire.

The most important aspect to remember is that this is who you are and what you are doing is delving into your Self.


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