Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What IS Limited thinking?

As I continue to expand my awareness and look within at my own limited thinking, I ask myself, where does this limited thinking come from and why am I bound by it?

What came to me is that, for the most part, we are taught our thinking processes by those we have associated with in our formative years from our parents and relatives to our teachers and clergy where we learn to take on the following thinking habits:

1. Over-generalizing.

2. Thinking only in terms of black and white.

3. Drawing conclusions without evidence.

4. Assuming the worst in a situation or blowing things out of proportion.

5. Taking everything personally.

6. Always focusing on our failures or our problems.

7. Not thinking for ourselves or truly knowing what we think about something.

8. Letting others do our thinking for us by believing what is written in a book, newspaper, on a website, in a speech, etc. and not questioning it.

How do we take back our minds, our thinking and get out of limited thinking?

The very first thing is that we must understand that thoughts are energy and thoughts are powerful triggers of our emotions. Change your thoughts, change your emotions.

Remember that there are Universal laws that govern the energy of our thoughts. Become aware of what they are.

Also remember that we have the power to create our personal reality.  We can be free from limited thinking and the belief that life just happens to us. Thought creates, feelings attract, imagination becomes.

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