We Are Beings of Light

We humans are 99.99% space; we are not really here. Only a tiny spark of what we are is having this earthly experience. We exist as multidimensional beings on nine planes of existence simultaneously and the Earth experience is in a very narrow band of light. That's right, we are light.

Light is known to alter every vibrational frequency that it encounters. Light carries information and information expands systems so that old systems can no longer exist.

The system you are in is falling; going away. We have already moved into higher vibratory levels of Love and Light that is demanding that we move with it or we will find ourselves on another lower vibrating planet in our next incarnation.

We have free will and the free choice to move into these higher frequencies of Love or leave. This is not a negative thing as it allows us to grow as souls and expand our awareness at our own pace of choice.

To stay on the higher vibrating Earth is up to you. If you choose to vibrate in the old energies of fear, hate, judgement, dogma, suffering and all the other lower vibrating energies, you will have chosen to vacate Earth because there will not be these energies anymore and you will not be able to stay here.

We are Light beings. We carry information. That information is now the information based on the Force of Love, compassion, integrity, wisdom, peace, happiness, harmony and balance. Where you are in this is very important. This is no joke. You stand on a precipice of decision. Which way are you going: Love or Fear? Your choice and either one is OK. THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT WITH THIS. Just remember that you cannot stay on earth. It will not be the same.

I came here in Love. My Light is the Light of Love. What is your Light.?


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