Victim of Circumstance

Are we really victims of circumstance? From my experience, I believe we are not. Why do I believe this?

The reason I know that I am not a victim of circumstance is because I know that I am the Universe, I am Spirit that is crafting my own experiences through the choices I make. It is our Spirit that drives our Earthly experiences and our Spirit allows our persona/psyche/ego the free choice to go in whatever direction we choose with the knowledge that there will be attendant consequences. This is a form of self-expression. We express ourselves through the choices we make and with what state of grace we handle the consequences, good or bad.

There is no mystery as to why things show up in our lives. It is simply that we reap what we sow. For example, if you make a choice out of lack consciousness, you get lack as a consequence.

How do we control or change this lack mentality or making choices out of lack? The answer is we become conscious of what we are sowing with our choices. There really is no excuse for tolerating lack.

What do we do? The first thing is to acknowledge and accept that each of us is a powerful creator of our circumstance. We claim our mess, be responsible for our actions. Manifesting comes down to having the right consciousness and the responsibility of our actions. That's real personal power. A negative choice is a choice against Divinity. Our natural state is a state of abundance. When you change your worldview to expect only good outcomes, they come about.

Connect to the positivity of your soul. Realize you have no lack, you are worthy to manifest your positive desires. Know that you drive the bus. There's no being or person stopping you from having abundance. YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTOR!!!

Stop connecting to the thought that if you have what you want, something bad will happen! That's a flawed belief system.

Remember, WE are the ones attracting the same experience over and over again. Begin to craft your experience the way you want them to be by becoming conscious of the consequences of your choices.


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