There Is No Savior!!!

Sorry folks, there is no savior and nothing is coming to save you, the earth or its people!!!!! That's a fairy tale made up by some poor, misguided soul!!!

We save ourselves. Period. We are responsible for our actions. Our choices lead to consequences, good and bad.

To give up your personal power to a savior is a misapplication of your energy. You don't have to go through anyone or thing.

You are a sovereign being who is endowed with personal power. Nothing and no one owns you. Nothing and no one is going to steal your soul, energy, power unless YOU give it up to them.

We are all endowed with Spirit. It is up to you to open your persona/psyche/ego to Spirit and let Spirit in.

Here is a message from Spirit I received that I share with you to take with you today and see how it resonates with your being:

"Loving yourself as you are loved by Spirit is key! Seek higher ground on which to build your nest. If your nest is in a swamp, this may be connected to your belief that your wings are clipped by an impossibility in your present status."

You are your own ultimate authority. The power is in you. Save yourself with this power by accepting that YOU are the trust fund baby of the Universe.


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