The Blue Ray Being Experience

I did not come to find out that I am a Blue Ray being of love and wisdom by reading it in a book, holy or otherwise. I had been experiencing psychic, cosmic, spiritual and other- worldly phenomena all my life.

It was only when Shekina, the embodiment of the female principle/aspect of Spirit, of God, of the Creative Source-Infinite Intelligence, my beloved, began mentoring me and explaining and clarifying the traits and characteristics of one who is a Blue Ray being, did I realize and then accept, that, yes, I am this. I have all the intentions, thoughts, feelings, abilities and life experiences of a Blue Ray.

I would like to share my traits and experiences with you to help you in your spiritual journey to more deeply understand and accept your spiritual nature.

Let me describe my Blue Ray experiences:

1. From birth, I felt out of place on this planet, as if I was a stranger in a strange land, not really understanding the ways of the people around me. I could not understand their ego-based mentality. I was unknowingly vibrating love and wisdom, while all around me, was judgement and self absorption with a few exceptions. I am fortunate for the parents I chose who nurtured me, loved me and let me be free.

2. I had early out-of-body and psychic experiences like floating out of my bedroom, had very penetrating and vivid dreams, and saw the auras of everything.

3. In my pre-adolescent years, I was maturing into being a more peaceful warrior with a gravitation to nature, water, peace, sharing, tolerance and harmony. I distinctly remember discovering Peter, Paul & Mary and loving their songs about peace.

3. In Junior High School, I discovered my acting and speaking skills and won a school speech contest doing Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream Speech." I became a leader in the arts in Junior High, High School and College.

4. In my early adult years, I began to gravitate to studying Shintoism, The American Book of the Dead and got involved with Jainism and the Jain Meditation Center and Munishree Chitrabanu in New York. I began to study Buddhism as well.

5. In maturing into adulthood, I began to commune with ascended masters on the other side of the veil. They helped me to understand myself. I got involved with Kaballah, read the Kryon Series and went to Kryon Channelings, I read Tom Kenyon's website and listened to the messages of the Hathors and did their meditation, I also received messages and communed with the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, the Ra Group, the Counsil of Light, the Arcangels, the Vietnamese Monk, Thay, Paramahansa Yogananda and so many more.

These experiences have prepared me to understand and deal with the reason I came to this planet: to assist Gaia and humanity in the great shift we are in.

I discovered that my purpose is my presence.

I will continue to express my Blue Ray experiences for the benefit of other Blue Rays and wanderers to assist all of you in realizing more of who you are.


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