Studying with the Right Guru is Valuable

Having a Spiritual mentor, Guru, Master is very valuable and there are many lessons you can learn from the right one. I express this having had several in my life that helped me to clarify Spiritual conundrums on the path as well as helped me to stay on my Spiritual path. I have and have had both physical and nonphysical masters. In the end, both are just as helpful.

I enjoyed reading Robert Piper's experience, to use as an example of someone other than myself for validation, who has had a good experience with a Guru, in this case, a monk and share with you his "9 Lessons I Learned While Studying With a Monk" from his post in Wake Up World:

1. Keep trying until you get it right.

2. The answer to your question is inside you.

3. Real wisdom in life comes from doing something and failing.

4.  When you start to do meditation, you recognize the egotistical mind (comparing).

5. We must be both compassionate and resilient.

6. Patience is a virtue.

7. Detach from your ego.

8. In Taoism, they say, "no self, no enemy."

9 Happiness comes from within and also from outside.

Having the right Monk, Guru, Mentor, Master is a good thing. They can help you get out of yourself, which, in my experience, is one of the pivotal things you can achieve on a Spiritual path.


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