Separation Consciousness...No Longer Needed

"Separation is an impulse that is not based on insight." Separation from what, you might ask? I am referring to separation from the Spirit within that is your true nature.

The prevailing consciousness is to see ourselves apart, separate from our spiritual selves as if it is outside ourselves, as if it is in the sky or what we call heaven or in some nether world somewhere. There is no outside or "place" called heaven. It's all an inside job. Spirit is within us, we are made of Spirit. It's not out there. Out there is separation consciousness which is the ego misperception of the human collective brought on by the persona/psyche/ego machinations of societal, religious, and political conditioning. Out there does exist and it is The Matrix, maya, glamour.

All the sages, shamans, ascended masters know this and have been giving the human collective this message for eons. Now is the time to really listen and get with the program! Each of us IS Spirit. We are Spirit having a human format experience in order to taste creation and know that we can love ourselves in action. That's it!!!  Love. Nothing more.

You are Love for that is the true nature of Spirit. Learning to be Love was the purpose of separation consciousness to begin with. It is ending. We have learned. Time to be Spirit in our Human journey. No more excuses. No more fence sitting.

Be the Love of the Spirit that you are. Be it. You are Spirit in form, no questions asked. If you deny your true nature, you will find yourself no longer enjoying being on this planet as Earth has moved into higher Spiritual awareness and beingness herself. Gaia is in a higher dimension now!

Time to wake up and be who you really are: God.


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