Place Of No Pity

Don Juan Matus, the sorcerer in Carlos Castaneda's books about Castaneda's experiences with becoming a sorcerer, says, "the place of no pity is a position of the assemblage point which renders self-pity inoperative."

What is this place of no pity? What I have discovered is that the "place" of no pity is not a place at all. It is a consciousness. It is a consciousness of being in a state of awareness where you do not feel sorry for yourself. You realize that there is nothing to be sorry for as everything in your existence is your choice and if you don't like your existence, make different or better choices.

All choices come with consequences and embracing the consequences with grace, I believe, is the rub. What does that mean? It means that you accept the consequences whether you see them as good or bad. It is YOU that puts the value of good or bad into your experiences. You realize that whether they are good or bad, they are here to help you expand your awareness. Sometimes, whether consequences are good or bad, they can hurt, be stressful, boggle our psyche and we seem not able to handle them and we fall right into self-pity, feeling sorry for ourselves.

Going to the place of no pity is a state of awareness you train yourself to be in so that you don't waste precious energy mired in victimhood. You realize that feeling sorry for yourself is being in stasis and you are giving up your power to your persona/psyche/ego who wants to wallow in a helpless state that gives up being responsible for its actions. Only you are responsible for your actions.

We create our experience. We have ultimate authority over ourselves. Taking the good with the bad is a sign of spiritual maturity. Learning how to accept our good and bad experiences and learning from them and knowing not to repeat them is the key, I believe, to living a happy life. Going to the place of pity is a disempowering state of awareness that says you are giving over your personal power to your wounded ego.

Render your place of pity inoperable so you will not have self-pity. Instead, embrace yourself as a being who is having BOTH good and bad experiences that you signed up for. It's called the human being. Be more human. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Look to clean your connecting link to intent!!!


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