People of Earth...time to become Soverign

It is time for the people of earth to become sovereign as in you are a sovereign being with free will and are not beholden to anyone or anything.

You are Creation and are already made and free to go. There is nothing controlling you. Spirit/God/theUniverse has done its job and there're no strings attached. You awe nothing to no one or thing. You do owe everything to yourself to discover and be the spiritual authority you were designed to be and already are.

You determine your path, you are responsible for your actions. No one is coming to "save" you and no one but yourself is going to forgive you.

No one is going to steal your soul or possess you unless that is your free will choice. When you are of the Light and you are in service to others, nothing can harm that reality.

You must free yourself from the false belief system that you are beholden to Spirit, people, jobs, banks, governments, society, religion, a sacred text, etc. Yes, live your life in the matrix but don't identify with it. It's a false construct. The true construct is your true sovereign spirit. Born free you were. Extract yourself from the prison that says you awe something to anything. You owe only to yourself and that thing is to know that your true nature is spiritual, not physical.

You have final spiritual authority. You are free to do your spiritual path and do not owe to be anything other than what you choose. Don't let people tell you you have to be something or you will be judged. You are never judged in the spiritual realms. You can only hold judgement against yourself and that is not the mindset to be in. The mind set to be in is Love.

Free yourself and be the sovereign being you already are.


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