Money? No Action Needed!

"Money is in direct relationship to attraction and allowing, not action."

Money sits and waits for you. It is not about striving for it. This is an abundant Universe poised to provide you with all you allow...not want or desire.

Money comes with implicit intent not explicit intent. You have to BE money in a sense to attract it. You have to be vibrating it, you have to be an abundant beingness within yourself and have infinite supply consciousness. You have to shift your belief systems around money that it is dirty or the root of all evil or that you don't deserve it.

When you finally ALLOW within yourself to receive money, money will come to you. When you finally release your lack consciousness, you will receive the abundance that is waiting to come to you.

Money is just a form of energy exchange. It does not judge who gets it and who does not. Why does Donald Trump, for example, have money? He has mastered abundance consciousness. All he talks about is how rich he is, how successful, etc. He believes it. That's the magic key. He believes it so it is attracted to him.

The first step to more money is not the action, it's the shifting of the belief system around money.

It was once said that "you cannot have your influence felt until you rearrange your way of seeing the present set of circumstances."

Your money/abundance sits in heaps of gold just like it did for Harry Potter when he goes to that room with his name on it and finds all kinds of money and treasure that belongs to him. He found the key to unlock his treasure. You are no different. Go get it!!!!!!


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