I Found Out What Letting Go Is

We are told to let go and move on. We are told this especially after a loved one dies...even our loved one's spirit will whisper, "let go" if you listen hard enough or are open to it.

What does it really mean to let go? What are we holding onto to need to let go of?

Letting go is not, I finally realized, releasing a person or experience or even a memory of such. The persona/psyche/ego cannot accept death or the end of something. Stop trying to accept death. Don't accept it. Don't accept the end of anything because you can't. Simply shift your perception of it from being an ending to being a continuum. Life is both physical AND metaphysical. Relationships can and do continue in the higher planes of existence and we can perceived this in dreams and psychic awareness.

Whether a person dies or a situation comes to completion, it was meant to teach you something and it is the value YOU place on the person or experience that makes it good or bad. That value is your consciousness.

Letting go is, in addition, not feeling pity for yourself that you feel alone or lonely and not feeling guilty about whether you could have done something to prevent someone's death or whether you were the cause of a bad situation or experience. The answer is to forgive the other self and forgive yourself. The experience is over and you can't live your life looking back. Of course, you will have memories and you can also change these by going back and forgiving those memories that are difficult for you.

Letting go is a practice that helps you achieve a state of mind. You practice forgiving, you practice not going to the place of pity, you practice shifting your perception that there are really no endings, you practice being comfortable being a solo act, you practice seeing all experiences as teach/learn opportunities that just are, you practice changing memories. It takes some doing.

 When you expand your awareness to the realization that letting go is a practice because we will always face death, we will always have experiences in these realms, you will know what letting go really is and means.

Letting go is a practice that helps you achieve a state of mind and that state is the pure peace of accepting life. You signed up for it and now, don't take it so hard!


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