I Am No Longer Physical!

When being in your "light body" is spoken about, it has a meaning that is not readily understood. The reason I bring this up is because, my wife's sudden death three years ago and that trauma, knocked me into my light body and I have finally come to grasp the meaning of what that is. When I say knocked me into my light body, I mean changed my consciousness, changed the planes I was vibrating on.

First of all, we are all beings of light that function on nine levels or planes of manifest existence. We call these planes the manifested reality. Once we leave the ninth plane, we are in the unmanifest. From the first four, that is our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to the highest, the ninth, we vibrate on different frequencies or bands of light. In the lower physical levels, we are vibrating on a very narrow band of light that we know or experience as our sensorial reality. Many call this an illusion. I don't like that term because it makes me think that the lower realities are not as valid. I simply call them by their names: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They are valid, otherwise we would not bother to experience them!!!

When we move into the fifth plane of reality, we become ethereal, that is, more connected to Spirit and can still be perceived by others who are not consciously vibrating there in their imagination only. They perceive, of us who have moved into the higher realms, what they think they perceive. If their psychic senses aren't sharp, they can't see where we really are! In the sixth plane, we are no longer effected by the physical at all! In a sense, we are not here. We are not concerned or touched by the lower levels in that we are not attached to them any more. The key word is attached in that when I am vibrating in my light body, my concerns are different. My consciousness has changed. I am more about love, compassion, peace, harmony, healing, balance, integrity and I don't wallow in the struggles of persona/psyche/ego. I parent my ego as one would a child and that is with caring, love, consideration, appreciation, gratitude and respect.

In a sense, in my light body, I know that I have no limitations and that means the limitations that are believed when we are coming from the first four levels of existence. That totally changes my existence.

I am my light body now and there is no going back.


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