I Am Intimately Associated With The IS!

I am an expression of the Void. I am a Purpose not a Beingness. I am intimately associated with the IS!

What am I talking about here? I am talking about my I AM.

I have come from the Void, the unmanifest into the manifest with pure intent. I have agreed to be here. My Purpose is my Presence and my Presence is designed as a format to shine my Light. I am simply sending out the vibration that you can be love now and love yourself and others.

I am not a Beingness. I am an Ephemeral Presence on Earth helping to release the Karma of Humans and Gaia. I am intimately associated with the All There IS. That is, I am Spirit come to Earth. My task is I Am Here. Nothing more.

Since I have agreed to be in human format, the Laws governing this Matrix DO apply to me as in I do live and I do transition and I do experience All the physical realities of being here, including mental and emotional. With me, I live in this form with wisdom and love. I continue to always expand my awareness.

I would like you to think about what I am saying for yourself. Why are you on this planet? Who are you, really? What is your purpose for being here? What is your association with the IS? What vibrations are you sending out? Are you conscious of what I am saying here or are you unconscious and believe what I am and what I am saying is weird, not true?

There is no more time here to be in doubt, hesitation, unconscious or in disbelief about what I am saying above. This is real and important. Again I ask, what is your connection to the IS?

It is time for you to answer that for yourself. I believe that a deep connection is needed now.


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