Do We Need Psychotropic Drugs to Connect to Spirit?

Humans have used psychotropic drugs from Ayahuasca to LSD to expand their consciousness to connect with Spirit for millennia.

 I have ingested many types of psychotropics from mescaline to psilocybin and have enjoyed the mind expansion those drugs helped me achieve. I never really gravitated to immersing myself in their use and I really didn't't know why. It wasn't, I'm sure, fear or doubt. On my part. I believe that I have found the reason why I did not intuitively continue using psychotropics to get in touch with Spirit.

The reason I did not feel the need to use a catalyst to touch Spirit is because I am Spirit. I am Spirit's expression, as we all are, in a physical format and I was always coming from Spirit. I always saw the auras of everything, I always related to people through their soul, even if I was not totally conscious of doing that earlier in my life. I was always about peace, harmony, balance and love. My expression was that of a 5th chakra being and I was exactly that from a young age: communicative, expressive, healing, musical, truth-telling and wise, etc.

I was always a teacher and a leader and I believe that I intuitively knew that there was no real need to discover anything because I was already it. Don't get me wrong as I have studied and been a part of much, much soul awareness expansion in my life from experiencing Judaism, Cathalocism, Shintoism, Kabbalah, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Goddesses, the Devic Kingdom, Elementals and Extraterrestrials and much more. I am an ultra-sensitive empath.

I am not against my fellow travelers ingesting Ayahuasca and other sacred plants and substances (coffee, anyone?) to help them have an enlightening experience. However, I am not sure that power plants are essential to get in touch with Spirit since there are so many ways to do it naturally. Maybe taking drugs is natural!

For me, I am in touch with Spirit as a process of being and a process of being alive in body. I am Spirit so there is nowhere to go as I am here, there and everywhere already. I AM right here. Nothing needs to be altered. Maybe the Spirit of these mind altering substances can learn from me in some way as we are all connected.


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