Did You Learn these Lessons?

If you are reading this blog, if you were attracted by the title of this blog or are stepping onto your own Wisdom Path, you already have or will encounter these lessons on this Spiritual path:

1. Realize that other people are a reflection of you.

2. You realize that you have power and responsibility.

3. You have found that the more you know, the more you don't know.

4. Love gets you further than hating or fighting.

5. Suffering is a catalyst for growth.

6. Other people's opinions don't matter.

Once you have learned these lessons, you can choose to let go of the emotional charge, the emotional overtones of these lessons and the consequences they bring and move on. You don't have to linger in victimization, you don't have to stay stuck in the karma of your lesson. Once the lesson is learned, the karma is complete. No need to suffer.

One of the most important aspects of enjoying your spiritual path is to handle the consequences of your choices with grace and equanimity.

Whatever the consequences of your choices are, deal with them, bless them, forgive them and move on. They don't define you. What defines you is HOW you respond to your consequences and you have ultimate authority of them.

Remember, life in this matrix has ups AND downs no matter how you slice it. Ride the wave with love and gratitude.


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