Beliefs Vs. Knowing, Which Is More "Real"?

Which is the more real practice in connecting with Spirit, believing or knowing? I am leaning toward knowing.

First, what is meant by knowing? I perceive that knowing is having a direct experience of Spirit. It is not a thoughtful process and more of a process of what you feel and sense which bypasses the rational mind, is beyond the linear realm of belief systems. It is not about rules and regulations set forth by religions for us to memorize and practice in a rote manner. It is walking a mystical path where insights come from within where Spirit resides. It is realizing your being, which is the whole purpose of connecting with Spirit.

Thinking about spirituality isn't it. It does not reside in the brain or in the mind. It is a heart-felt paradigm where the heart is the true brain in connection with the Pineal gland which is our connecting link to pure intent. It is the third eye chakra.

Belief systems are designed to enslave us. Having direct mystical experiences which are open to everyone are designed to set us free. Tremendous discernment is required here to remove ourselves from the prison of dogma, of what someone else wrote in some book thousands of years ago which we are told not to question.

Don't point to a passage in a book as your truth. Don't interpret some passage in a book and tell me it's your truth!!! Tell me how you experience Spirit without the trappings of religion. How do you know Spirit without anyone telling you it's this way or that.? Perceive for yourself. Take off the rose colored glasses. You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

It is time to realize that we are in a false construct of false belief systems. Go to your knowingness and start by going within and listening to the whispers of Spirit. That is more real than holding some belief that someone else told you was real or that you read somewhere and hold as THE truth.

What is real is that you are Spirit. Touch that within yourself. Take the shackles off your beingness.


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