Sunday, September 6, 2015

Are You a Mystic?

Most of the people on Earth are religious and believe in what is written in a book rather than looking for a spiritual experience. These religious people point to their book as evidence of God with little or no evidence in their experience of God's presence in and around them. They are and will judge and murder other people based solely on the words and beliefs from interpretation of these words in these so-called holy books.

I do not follow religion and all the dogma associated with the books these religions wish to foist on the rest of humanity. I am of the mystical way of experiencing Spirit in the natural world. To me, the aim of Spirituality is to have a palpable connection to God in this now moment.

I know that I am a mystic and ask if you are one too based on the following eight signs or behaviors:

1. You have what I call a personal connection to Spirit rather than relying solely on what you read in texts and doctrines.

2. You are always questioning the foundations of the Spiritual path.

3. You rely on your intuition rather than what a religious leader tells you.

4. You see the truth within your Self.

5. You look up at the stars in wonder as well as seeing Spirit in everything. You know the Universe is alive.

6. You are always feeling a lot of empathy, often too much.

7. You have Unity consciousness where you feel your connection with nature and All That Is.

8. You have a devotion to digging out the truth and base this digging on facts and knowledge rather than opinion and conjecture.

I follow the ways of Spirit. I am on a mystical path where I don't use my ego to judge what another believes. I have not and will not kill another human being who has different Spiritual beliefs. I will not ask you to change your beliefs. I will not kill or protest a Gynecologist who does abortions, I do not condemn gays, dominate women, hate a political party or bomb and kill my fellow humans based on their differing beliefs. I will only speak my truth as you speak yours. My path is defined by my perceptions not my beliefs.

I am a mystic following the ways of Spirit with love, discernment, understanding, peace, compassion and wisdom! You?

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