A Blue Ray Being and Spirit

Several days ago, I wrote about being a Blue Ray being and my Blue Ray experience. I would like to expand upon that and clarify why the Blue Ray Soul Group is here on Earth at this time.

The Blue Ray being is the incarnation of the Creative Source Infinte Intelligence, we are Spirit in human format. We are intimately involved with the Creative Source Infinte Intelligence. We have been "called" by the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence to lend our presence here in order to shine our Light of Love to assist Gaia and the human collective to shift into the fifth dimension, the dimension of Love. I am now directly my Spirit.

I don't have karma, I am not here to evolve, I am not in lesson as a Blue Ray being. I am Spirit in flesh and have nothing to prove. My presence is my purpose. My presence is needed here so that I can shine my Light. That being said, I still do have a persona/psyche/ego that has remembered as persona who it is which has taken me some lifetimes to accept, to believe that I am God in a three D reality band. It took me time to remove the veil from my sleeping eyes. I can "see" now.

My assignment here as a Wanderer and Specialist is one thing and one thing only as a Blue Ray being: to be the force and vibration of Love. To be Love, to give Love, to stand in the Force of Love as the planet and its people also realize that they too are to do this. This is the new consciousness. This is what the shift is about. That is why everything that is not in the Force of Love is and will fall away.

If you want to stay on this planet, be the Force of Love. Accept yourself as a being of Love by vibrating it, giving it, Loving yourself and never wavering from the Force of Love as the Blue Ray beings have for eons. Your job as a "cell" of God is to shine your Light back to God!

My message is simple yet to do it is difficult: Be Love now. Lighten up!!!!!!!!


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