We're In a New "Reality"...Say What?

In case you're wondering why the human population, more and more, believes and is, "going off the deep end," it is because, in my perception, it is largely unwilling to move into the "new reality awareness" that is already begging us to move into.

I have been involved in the presence of this awareness since my birth on this planet. In my formative years, I knew something was very different about me but what that was, I had no clue and no human mentors to help me understand until much later in my life.

I am happy to share with you that the new reality awareness that I, along with others, brought to this planet, is very clear to me now and I would like to share 12 core awarenesses with so that you may also resonate with them if you are willing:

1. Infinite Being is all that is. Nothing exists outside of it.

2. We are Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in Life.

4. Free will enables you to explore your potential.

5. Reincarnation.

6. Life after 'Death.'

7. Life reflects what you project.

8. Abundance is our natural state.

9. Love is the only reality.

10. Self-responsibility.

11. Truth is everywhere.

12. Inner connection and insight.

My suggestion is that if these 12 core awarenesses resonate with you, explore them more deeply.

One thing I know will happen in your life when you move into and become the new reality awareness: you will begin to more freely follow your inner joy and that is actually the key to abundance. You have the key now and it is up to you to open the lock!


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